Thursday, March 15, 2012

Custom Playmobil: The Adventures of St. Patrick

Although Playmobil doesn't make a Saint Patrick set, it's not hard to cobble one together from existing products to help teach your children the story of this great patron of Ireland.

The PLAYMOBIL 4887 SAINT NICHOLAS with ANGELdoes a pretty good stand-in for St. Patrick all by himself, but you can use stickers or paint to color his vestments in his iconic green, like this mockup I did in Photoshop:

The occasional snake can be found in a larger set like the Playmobil North American Forest Animalsor the Playmobil 4842 Treasure Temple with Guards. The cheaper option is to pick up individual Playmobil Snakes on Ebay.

Later this year Playmobil is releasing a Celtic Knight. This is a good figure for St. Dichu, the Celtic chieftain whose sword arm was miraculously prevented from harming St. Patrick but who later became a model of sanctity and peace.

There is an old Playmobil Druid, now discontinued, which you might be able to find on Ebay. St. Patrick confronted and overthrew the power of the druid priests one Easter at Tara.
As far as I know, there are no Playmobil shamrocks.

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